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MICS Access

Application for use of the imaging core is a multistep process, and requires completion of an application form. Access to the Molecular Imaging Center at Sanford (MICS) is available to academic investigators from UC San Diego, Salk, Sanford Burnham Preby's, Scripps, and La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology.

Requested information includes:

  • A brief description of the project
    • e.g., Disease model, imaging methods, scanning time points, etc.
  • Equipment requested for project
  • Estimate of the total amount of imaging required
  • Whether a technician is required, or whether the investigators will provide trained personnel for self-service
  • Institutional study approval
  • Description of any potential biohazardous materials including biological samples that will be brought into the center
  • Description of test articles to be brought into imaging center and related safety information
  • A UC San Diego index number for project charges. For investigators at neighboring academic institutions, it is preferable to set up a UC San Diego Regents account to be recharged for service. In special cases, academic users outside of the Sanford Consortium member institutions can arrange for service.  

Investigators are encouraged to discuss the details of proposed projects and study design with MICS Core Director (Eric Ahrens, PhD, or the MICS Core Manager (Xiaowei Zhang, PhD, prior to submitting the application.

Completed applications will be reviewed by members of the MICS Scientific Advisory Committee within two weeks after submission. Feedback regarding suitability of the proposed project will be sent via email shortly thereafter. If project is approved, investigators will be able to schedule study time.

Hands-on (‘self-use’) of the facility’s imaging instruments is generally not possible. However, the imaging center has highly trained staff that can run the equipment. Limited self-use authorization may be granted at the discretion of the MICS Core Director or the MICS Core Scientific Advisor and requires the user to have extensive training on the imaging modality of choice as a prerequisite, in addition to modality-specific safety training.