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Shared Research Cores

Molecular Imaging Center

Advances state-of-the-art in vivo preclinical imaging and spectroscopy techniques to better understand tissue and organ function, and to make these tools available to the greater biomedical research community

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A self-service and full-service genomics facility offering state of the art equipment and cutting edge technology

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Maintains and characterizes established human embryonic and pluripotent stem cell lines, and provides laboratory space to conduct research with the cell lines

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Southern California stem cell seminar series

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The Stem Cell Channel

Stem cell science is changing medicine and our understanding of human development. The Stem Cell Channel takes you into the labs where cutting edge-research takes place, introduces you to the scientists leading the way, and breaks down how these amazing discoveries impact everyday life and health.

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Brain organiod from Muotri Lab

Stem Cell Program Faculty In The News

Alysson Muotri, a biologist at the University of California, San Diego. His lab grows and studies so-called organoids to understand how the human brain functions.

September 3

Organoids Are Not Brains. How Are They Making Brain Waves?

Cell Tumors

August 21

UC San Diego Researchers Convert Pro-Tumor Macrophages into Cancer Killers


August 16

UC San Diego Awarded $9 Million In Grants To Study Cause Of Type 1 Diabetes